///Canvas Weekly :: The Seed and the Soil

Hey Misfits!

Hope the week careening at full speed toward a holiday weekend brings you all sorts of joy and peace.  At the end of the day today, there will be a sabbath of biblical (3 day) proportions.  And we all know how three days of laying low can lead to all sorts of resurrection and renewed life.

This week we'll continue the conversation begun last week about how Jesus' message- and the reality of the Kingdom of God itself- travels, grows, is embraced by, and even the possibility that it might change its context.  Jesus has told a story about the kingdom being spread like seed strewn about to any number of different kinds of soil (contexts), and that the message is always received differently, in different time frames.  We were left with the observation that were not to judge, categorize, or favor certain soils over the other, but instead to examine the soil of our own lives, and to be unconditionally giving and generous with the love and message we've been given.  We were left also, then, with the question about whether or not the soil is static.  Does soil change?  

Join us as we keep the good times rolling!  Sunday, 5PM, One.O.One 

A few items for your awareness: 
-The Buddhist Meditation group will be meeting at the lounge at 2PM Sun., and would love anyone to join them.  They'll be practicing a special form of peacemaking prayer.  For more info see the Canvas Facebook page.  
-If you'd like to open your 4th of July plans to some Canvas Misfits, post the deets to the Canvas wall, or be prepared to announce and invite on Sunday.  

Let's continue to pray:
- John's dad continues to need our prayers, as do John and Anabel, as they walk with him through a tough time.
- Louise's close friends are in our prayers as they live through a near fatal tragedy- Update Sunday night.
- Stevo is recovering from the illness passed on to Louise (Food Poisoning?)- both in need of some healing.
- Praying for Nick's dad, enduring at-home dialysis
- Praying for Brooks as he shares his gifts, and the embracing love of Canvas in Greece
- Continuing to pray for Jarian and Melissa, and Camp Alkulana, where they're serving at-risk youth this summer.
- Pray with your wallets and word of mouth- One.o.One needs some business, customers, and support!

-Last week we gave $80, and the week before we gave $0 (didn't meet).  
-Be thinking and looking for the people, places, and movements in which God is alive and up to something

See you all Sunday!

Grace and Peace!