You're not gonna want to miss this event.  click the link above, Mark your calendars, RSVP to the FB event, borrow a car, steal a ride, start walking now, just get here.  Peter will set the place on fire with fresh words and ideas.

///Canvas Weekly :: New Place, Same old Misfits!

Hey Canvas Tribe,

Lot's of amazing stuff going on.  We'll share in much more detail on Sunday night, but the highlights are as follows:

  • NEW SPACE: It's official.  Canvas has a new meeting space at 110 W Indiana Ave.  It's right across from Dublin Station, in a cool old office building.  You'll probably need to park in the county parking, or around the corner if there's no space on the street.  We'll announce more details about the space and the future potential on Sunday night, as well as invite your thoughts, dreams, and ideas about how the space is used in a way most true to Canvas.
  • Canvas Life: Garage sales, softball, some upcoming benefit concerts, and some exciting new partnerships.  Get more details Sunday night at Canvas, or stay tuned on the Facebook page.
  • HELPING HURRICANE VICTIMS: As the hurricane bears down on NYC, our thoughts are with those who will weather the storm.  We're aware also of those recently effected by it.  And we can help!  We're collecting necessities for communities destroyed in the Bahamas.  No loss of life, but houses and at least one church we're networked with are completely leveled.  Please bring: 
    • Nonperishable Foods
    • Bottled water
         Then, early this week, a group of us will meet a CBF FL plane at DeLand airport, load up the plane with all of our goods, and
         those from other churches, and they go rapidly to the Bahamas for relief.  In addition, half of whatever comes in on Sunday night
         in offering will go to the relief effort. 
  • Many of our Stetson community will be back, and we'll hear from a few of them about what they've been getting into this Summer, much of it in the name of showing others God's love. 
This week begins a series that will take us through the Fall, and up to Christmas time.  We'll be exploring the issues and bagage so many of us have with organized religion, the church, systems and structures.  We are the "Spiritual not religious" generation, but what do we mean?  What is religion?  What was it trying to do before it got twisted, perverted, corrupted, co-opted?  We'll look at handfull of stories in which Jesus seems to rant against the religion of his day.  But he does it in a very specific way, and shows us an incredibly healthy path for criticism, honest frustration, and educated interaction with religion.  The hope then is not to end up cynical and jaded, hating people, organizations, and groups- but to be people of faith and love, sure of the mystery and openness of our faith, and learning to be whole.  

This could get messy.  You won't want to miss it!  Especially with the Gypsy House Band back in action!

See ya Sunday!

Grace and Peace

///Canvas Weekly :: Jesus Wept

Hey Misfits, 

Nothing like a lift m up weekly title to propel into the weekend huh?  I assure you, it actually is good news.  

Last week we had some great teaching, followed by meaningful discussion surrounding vulnerability, love, value, and the stuff that holds it all together.  If you weren't there, or could stand to see it again, check out the video at , so worth it!  On the heels of that stuff (Big thanks to Louise, Dave, and Joe BTW for their leadership), we'll continue the conversation.  We'll take an honest look at some of the best news in the gospels, one of the shortest and most powerful sermons ever preached- "Jesus Wept".  If Jesus shows us what God is like, and Jesus doesn't stand apart from, away from, or indifferent to the things that cause suffering and break hearts, then perhaps there's a picture of the humanity of God, to which everyone everywhere can aspire. 

:: Canvas Life ::
-House churches were great this week- thanks to Dave and Ben for opening your places.  If you'd like to host a house church gathering, be prepared to announce it Sunday.
-Softball Monday TBA
-Last week we gave $0.00.  If ya like it, support it.  
-We'll have some conversation Sunday about a couple of possible organizations and causes to whom we can provide financial support.  Be there to lend a voice. 
-We'll be moving locations, not this Sunday the 21st, but the following (28th).  New location still TBD.  If you have a lead, let us know.  
-Canvas/ community garage sale coming up.  If you got stuff to contribute, redistribute, or just want to get rid of, bring it Sunday or get with Robin and Larry.

In the words of the prophet, 

"Love will keep us together" 

Grace and Peace

///Canvas Weekly :: The Power of Vulnerability

Hey Misfits,

Thanks again for an unforgettable gathering last Sun.  We packed out the lounge again, and we filled the empty space with great questions, meaningful discussion, and some profound insight and wisdom.  We we're thrilled to have back with us, our sister from a another mister, Alison White, as well as a few first-timers to Canvas.  

Since we keep packing out the lounge, and because Louise has successfully incubated and now sold the business- Great Job Louise!- we're gonna be looking around again for a new place to land for the foreseeable future.  We're already working the network and asking around.  But, if you have any leads or hook-ups, let us know.  As always,we keep the Canvas overhead pretty lean, so our budgeted rent allotment is about $0.00.  So keep that in mind.  We're hoping to have two more gatherings in the lounge, and be a new space by the 28th.  

Now on to this week's gathering:
Do you believe that what makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful?  Are you willing to risk letting go of who you think you should be, in order to be who you are?  Are you relieved or panicked at the possibility of truly letting yourself be seen? 

This week, we have a special treat: a profound and provocative teaching/ research and storytelling surrounding the power of vulnerability, followed by some discussion that could go any number of ways based on the teaching presented.  You won't want to miss it.  Since the discussion will not be exhausted on Sunday, we'll give you video, questions, and sound bytes from the teaching so it can continue in our weekly "house church" gatherings.  So far, one group will meet at Dave's house on Tuesday night for dinner and conversation- more deets TBA Sun. night.  Ben's house will be open for drinks and snacks on Wed. at 8:15 for conversation and hanging out.  If you'd like to open your house for a house church gathering, let Ben know, and be prepared to announce on Sun. night (Warning- house church is a gateway drug to genuine community). 

Love you guys, and see ya Sunday!

Grace and Peace

///Canas Weekly :: Where? For what?

Hey Misfits,

Thanks to all for a great gathering Sunday night!  What an amazing conversation and discussion, some incredible insight and a meaningful time of remembrance and celebration with communion.  Thanks to Brooks for some sweet melodies, and as always to Louise for opening her doors!  Make sure you're getting out to support One-o-One- new hookah, cold beer, great wine!  

This Sunday we'll dip back into Mark for a minute and wrap up our summer conversation on calling and sending; where are we sent, and what are we sent to do?  Convert people?  Condemn people? Build organizations?  Impose our values?  Where do we go, and what's the message we carry?  

Canvas Life:
  • Softball- Last week was rained out.  Stand by for make-up schedule.  Plan to join us Monday- Time TBA
  • NEW Softball Shirts- The team will be ordering new sweat wicking shirts with the classic Canvas Misfits Logo- Black on White.  If you'd like to order one, the cost will be $18. 
  • Community garage sale- contact Robin if you have items or want to help.
  • Last week we gave $0.00
  • Praying for:  Jeff and Jen as they prepare to move, Alison white as she transitions and has some time home, John as he gets ready to start a new teaching Job, Many of us for job/ career tension, searches, dissatisfaction, etc.  Many of our families and friends experiencing illness, pain, loss, tragedy.  
  • Celebrating: John's job, Ben's dad clean bill of health.
The gospel according to Ferris Bueller:

"I am not going to sit on my ass as the events that affect me unfold to determine the course of my life... Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

Stop and look around!

Grace and Peace 

///Canvas Weekly :: Tilling the Soil

Hey Canvas Crew,

Hope the week is winding down well for everyone.  A BIG and special thanks to Louise for her help over the last few weeks- leading discussion while Ben has been away. 

This week we'll take some time to tie together some of the themes we've examined this summer.  We'll look at rejection from a few different angles, ask some questions that place us on different sides of the feelings and impulses.  Ultimately we'll ask how Jesus articulates, handles, and imagines our interaction with being outsiders... Misfits we might say.  

Canvas Life:
  • Softball starts back up this week- 6:30, Monday at Sperling.  Please bring your $$$ if you're playing.  If not, bring it the following week. 
  • Last week we gave 0$.  We (Ben) gave $105 the week before.  If you're one of the core group who pledged the budget, don't forget your commitment.  If you're a regular participant in the Canvas community- maybe a weekly, time-to-time giver, please know that your support combines with our pooled generosity to continue to make Canvas possible, and to pursue a level of excellence that will keep us progressing and provoked in a faith worth pursuing.
  • We'll be sending funds and prayers to Joplin, TN, through our contacts on the ground, as Joplin continues to rebuild in the wake of the Tornadoes in late May.  Over 150 killed, an economy destroyed, and much work to be done.  As we give our support, let's pray also for our hands on the ground- Bob and Joyce Barker.  
  • We're also gearing up to get back in the swing of some service projects and partnership with the Neighborhood Center as they are in need of help. 
Looking forward to a great gathering Sunday.  Bring some snacks and beverages and let's enjoy some community building time.  

Grace and Peace

///Canvas Weekly :: Music and Lyrics

Hey Canvas crew,

Hope you're either avoiding, or safely enjoying this sweltering heat wave- depending in large part on your job, sweat index, and proximity to a pool or beach.  If it is work and busyness for you this summer, we pray for you rest and relaxation.  If it is pool, beach, vacation, and travel, we pray for you an awareness of meaning, value, and purpose found in the art of recreation (re)creation.   So, hang in there, or enjoy!

Looking forward to being back at the Hookah Lounge this week.  Louise will lead us in some meaningful, self reflective, and communally up-lifting dialogue.  John will provide some sweet tunes for our celebration and reflection.  Come and support those who are willing to put them selves out there to help us take the next steps in our respective journeys of faith.  Sometimes that means hearing some specific words that change us and shape our minds, sometimes it's more like music and it could as easily be the swelling moving sense of being inspired.  Whatever it is, join us for more of it!

Keep posted for Softball- coming soon!
Last week we gave $105
We're getting ready to make a contribution to CBF Global Mission, which will help personnel as they aid in the recovery of a small chain of Islands in the Mentawii's recover from a devastating Tsunami.   

Finish the week strong and have a great weekend!

Grace and Peace